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Louise Distras Heartstrings on a Handgrenade

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Louise Distras1

Read the review of Louise's 'Spiders' EP here

After receiving critical acclaim for her last EP, 'Spiders', Louise Distras is set to release a new record on May 2nd, entitled 'Heartstrings On A Handgrenade'. Building upon the sound she has already established for herself, Distras proves that the only way to go from here is up.

'Bullets' is the beginning of a broader sound for one of Wakefield’s finest: multi-layered vocals, guitars and percussion intertwine together which make for an substantial feel. The rough vocals instantly grab the attention of listeners, and make the production sound a lot more natural. 'This Is Your Life' takes a melancholy turn, as unruly and echoing vocals power their way over an acoustic melody. A slower reprieve in the middle of the record, listeners are allowed a glimpse at a more openly heartfelt side of Louise Distras. 'Black And Blue' proves the saying that “the best is saved until last”: fast paced and upbeat melodies join along with whistles, handclaps and a choir to end the record in style. The quirky setup isn’t dissimilar to that used by Kimya Dawson, though the raw sounding vocals create a striking distinction.

'Heartstrings On A Handgrenade' utilises the same vocal-guitar sound that Louise Distras has been making herself synonymous with, pushing it up to and beyond its boundaries. Empowering vocals, catchy refrains and upbeat melodies make this record a brilliant buy for the upcoming summer months.

Jess Goodman

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